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Career Outset: Can you share a brief overview of your professional journey and how you started in your field?

My career started in buy-side investment management in Canada’s financial sector working for a hedge fund. After over a decade working in this industry I had decided to break away and start building a business for myself. There were a few startups that I had created (some successful and some not). But eventually this led to the creation of Ctrl V as the first virtual reality arcade in the world. After a considerable amount of success with this business, it was time to grow it further. Naturally, the best way to do this, while also providing entrepreneurship opportunities for other, was through franchising.

Guiding Aims and Ideals: As both an individual and a professional, what core aims and ideals do you prioritize that shape your decision-making and work approach?

As both an individual and a professional my guiding aims are always to help people and live a life of servitude. This is why business growth through franchising is so valuable to my goals. Through this business model I’m able to give back and help people learn to run and own a business and grow into entrepreneurs.

Distinctive Edge: What sets you apart from your competitors in the industry? How do you differentiate your approach to create a unique value for your clients?

From a standpoint of B2B, we are set apart through a number of means. The economics of our business model are built so that profitability is easier to achieve – 75% reduced labour expense, 3x lower CoGS, a unique marketing and real estate strategy, as well as a proprietary operating system that keeps things running efficiently. From a standpoint of B2C we have a list of our top ten #1 reasons available on our website the set us apart to the end customers. The main differentiator is that we, very simply, just listen to what the customer wants and responds to and build a business focused around that.

Company Offerings: Could you highlight the top-notch offerings of your company that clients find most compelling?

We are a virtual reality arcade that has content available for anyone to trying in our brick-and-mortar facilities. There are shooter games for the hardcore games, experiences for the more temperate crowd who want to swim with whales or visit the dinosaurs, extremely robust escape rooms for those looking to solve puzzles, sports content, educational content, and everything that could satisfy birthdays, corporate events, date nights, and even school field trips.

What are the long-term objectives you have set for your company, and where do you envision the growth and evolution of your business in the coming years?

Our long-term objective of Ctrl V is to elevate experiences through immersive content and to elevate lives through entrepreneurship opportunities in franchising. This means that over the coming years Ctrl V will grow in the number of locations across Canada and the US to support peoples endeavor and adoption of virtual reality.

Current Projects Overview: Can you provide insights into some of your ongoing projects? What makes these projects particularly exciting or challenging?

Our biggest projects right now are focused around two things. The first is franchisee happiness and profitability (franchisees are our business partners and we must ensure that we do whatever we can to make sure that their investment grows and bears fruit to the degree that they envision). The second is ensuring that we are on the cutting edge of technology – from this standpoint we are consistently updating and upgrading our software system and our proprietary operating software. However we do also have some top secret concepts in the pipeline that we are working.

Inspiration and Influences: Who in your life serves as a significant source of inspiration, and how have they influenced your career and personal development?

There are a number of personal and public business leaders around the world that influence my work and my decisions making. But I always keep coming back to the main inspiration in my life and that is Jesus Christ. Through the teachings of our God I’m able to draw experience, energy, and direction to keep me moving forward and doing something that may one day impact and change the world for the better.

Recognitions and Accreditations: Share some notable recognitions and accreditations received by both yourself and your organization. How have these accolades contributed to your professional journey?

We are CONSTANTLY receiving recognitions and accreditations. A list of them can be found towards the bottom of www.virtualrealityfranchise.com websites homepage. But the most valuable ones are always those that come from our franchisees. We are happy to operate under a 94% satisfaction survey from our franchisees.

Reflecting on your career, what have been the most formidable obstacles you faced, and how did you overcome them?

By far, the biggest obstacle that we have face, and continue to feel the repercussions of, are lockdown from the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic turmoil that were caused by the fiscal policies response to it. Thankfully, our business is recession proof, but that doesn’t mean that the ordeal is easy to deal with.

Defining Success: How do you define success in your career, and how long did it take for you to achieve what you consider a successful position in your field?

To me success hasn’t been achieved yet and probably won’t ever be achieved. And this is because success is not a destination in my eyes. Rather it is the journey of living out your true “why” and making the impacts that you’ve set your eyes on as you go through the journey.

Advice for Aspiring Leaders: What advice would you offer to the next generation of aspiring leaders?

If you truly believe in something with extreme conviction, don’t give up. It is always darkest before the dawn. You could be right on the cusp of everything exploding in your favor but you’ll never know if you give up at the 11th hour. Keep going. Stand up one more time.