Sue Phillips: An Esteemed Face in the Fragrance Industry

Leaders and Entrepreneurs often establish companies based on their passion, interest, or skills. However, few leaders have an undying purpose and utmost determination to carve a niche for themselves and walk their talk. Presenting one such radiating personality with an aura and aroma that shines bright and star-like is Sue Phillips, the CEO and Founder of SCENTERPRISES.


Sue’s professional journey began with a serendipitous encounter in the fragrance section of a department store in South Africa during her teenage years growing up there. Surrounded by exquisite perfumes, she inadvertently discovered the power of ambient scenting. This early experience ignited her passion for fragrances and set the course for her career.


With a demonstrated career of more than three decades, Sue has successfully held senior executive positions at esteemed companies such as Elizabeth Arden, Lancôme, Paris, and Tiffany & Co., where she played a pivotal role in developing iconic fragrances such as TIFFANY. Her expertise spans diverse brands including Avon, Burberry, and Trish McEvoy, where she has consistently delivered innovative products and successful launches.

After working at leading companies and serving many executive positions, Sue founded SCENTERPRISES INC., a global fragrance company, and established The Scentarium, New York’s premier custom fragrance perfume studio in 2018. She catered to celebrities, corporate teams, and bridal events, crafting bespoke scents and fostering a deep appreciation for the art of perfumery.


Outside of her corporate endeavours, she has been an Adjunct Professor of Fragrance at FIT and LIM Colleges in New York, sharing her knowledge and passion for fragrance with future industry professionals. Additionally, she has provided expert testimony in legal disputes concerning copyright, distribution, and trademark arbitrations, showcasing her expertise as a true SCENTREPRENEUR®. Passionate about the transformative power of perfume, she has authored “The Power of Perfume,” a book that explores how fragrance can help individuals regain their sense of smell after experiencing loss, including those affected by COVID-19. Her professional journey epitomises a lifelong dedication to the world of fragrance, marked by innovation, expertise, and a genuine love for the art form.


The Aroma and Allure of Bespoke Offerings


SCENTERPRISES offers a distinctive array of compelling services and products that redefine the fragrance experience. Leveraging two years of meticulous research and collaboration with top labs, Sue has curated the highest-quality fragrances on the market. Her commitment to allergy and migraine-free experiences ensures that everyone can indulge in the luxury of scent without compromise. With 18 meticulously crafted perfume blends covering the entire olfactory palette, including five special Artisan blends – fresh, fruity, spicy, woodsy, and floral – each boasting a unique and captivating essence, clients are spoiled because of the vast choice SCENTERPRISES offers. But it doesn’t stop there.


SCENTERPRISES offers a personalized “fragrance journey” in its boutique, where clients embark on an immersive “experience”, experimenting with different fragrances to create a scent that reflects their personality and style. In addition to its boutique experience, the company provides bespoke services for corporations and companies, offering team-building exercises and corporate events centred around fragrance. For special occasions like weddings, bridal parties, and birthdays, the company’s fragrance bar experiences add a touch of elegance and charm, creating unforgettable memories through the power of scent. In addition, Sue offers multi-“scentsory” Scent Dinners pairing scents, wine and food for memorable dining experiences  – ideal for corporate and high net-worth individual events.


Experience, Expertise, and Never-Ending Enthusiasm


Well, if there is one thing that distinguishes Sue from her competitors, her unparalleled 44 years of experience speaks volumes. It’s her unwavering belief in the profound impact of scent in terms of personal use, scent healing for Covid Anosmia victims, and ambient scenting for enhancing hospitality and brands. Sue’s approach and dedication revolve around curating personalized, unforgettable multi-sensory experiences for each client. As she often says, “Perfume is the signature of your soul!“, one’s sense of smell is undeniably one of the most evocative and potent senses it possesses, with scents intricately linked to memories, emotions, and experiences. Her role is to tap into those memories and evoke the best through the art of fragrance. Additionally, she actively engages as a speaker at various events, sharing authentic experiences and knowledge as a perfumer.


Paving through the New Paths


Throughout my career, I have researched innovative and interactive initiatives to enhance the fragrance ‘experience’ for individuals and corporations. I’ve always believed that success is a journey, not a destination. It’s about constantly pushing yourself to grow and evolve, never resting on your laurels. I don’t think success is something you ever fully achieve—it’s an ongoing process of learning, growing, and striving for excellence. And you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Repositioning her fragrance initiatives as SUE PHILLIPS FRAGRANCE, there are always thrilling projects in the pipeline! Scent and Sound Events, where Sue teams up with a Sound Therapist for a one-of-a-kind sound and scent healing experience; a key player in the Caring Kind Gala, shining a spotlight on love and supporting Alzheimer’s caregivers. Plus, exciting gigs lined up in the Hamptons, and collaborating on the AI revolution events with Joanna Peña-Bickley. And finally, she is engrossed in writing her second book with a neuroscientist who is tackling the scientific while she dives into the olfactory standpoint. She was recently a speaker at the Luxury Women’s Round Table Summit with Mickey Alum Khan.


The Wall of Honor


Over the years, Sue Phillips has been honoured with several prestigious awards, including the LuxLife Global Excellence Awards for Best Custom Perfume Creation USA in 2019 and being named Women of Enterprise by Power Magazine in 2020. In 2021, it was recognized as the Top Marketing & Fragrance Expert of the Year by IAOTP, followed by Forbes Entrepreneur of the Year in 2022. Additionally, receiving titles like Woman of Achievement for Ms Elite and Ms Elegance New York in 2023 and 2024 further reinforces their commitment to excellence and empowerment.




Giving Closure to the Challenges


Reflecting on Sue’s career, she has encountered some major obstacles that have tested her resilience and pushed her to adapt. During the 2008 recession, when consulting projects came to a halt, Sue faced a critical moment. In response, she pivoted to launch the Bespoke Perfume initiative, which ultimately led to the opening of her first fragrance boutique, The Scentarium. She remained focused on innovation and adaptation, while creating fragrances for A-list celebrity clients like Katie Holmes, Zendaya, Jamie Foxx, and others, while also offering corporate team building to Fortune 100/500 companies. Things were on a roll until another challenge rose on the horizon – the pandemic.


The onset of the pandemic presented the most significant challenge yet. With the closure of Sue’s boutique, she had to navigate uncharted territory. Instead of succumbing to despair, she decided to channel her creativity in a new direction. She seized the opportunity to channel her experiences and expertise into writing her book, “The Power of Perfume“. As it turned out one of the symptoms of Covid is Anosmia, and she has helped over 250 people regain their sense of smell. Last year in August, she opened her second boutique in New York which she named SUE PHILLIPS FRAGRANCE. Having navigated through obstacles, she has emerged with newfound strength and resilience. Each challenge has become a catalyst for growth and innovation, reinforcing her unwavering belief in the transformative power of perfume and the indomitable spirit of humanity.


Living by the Vision, Values, and Valor


When it comes to the long-term objectives of her company, Sue’s vision is clear and ambitious. She aims to propel Sue Phillips into a globally recognized brand, reaching audiences far and wide with its exceptional fragrances. She firmly believes that their unique scents deserve to be experienced by people around the world, and she is committed to making that a reality.


Additionally, having witnessed the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s on her mom firsthand, Sue is committed to raising awareness and supporting efforts to combat this disease. Furthermore, diversity and inclusivity are at the core of her beliefs. She firmly believes that the beauty of the world lies in its diversity, and she is dedicated to advocating for equality and representation. With this in mind, she aims to establish her Foundation that not only supports these causes but will also leave a lasting impact on the world, forming a crucial part of her legacy.


Looking ahead, Sue envisions her company as not only a thriving business but also an integral part of the fragrance industry landscape by eventually being acquired by a major company. Beyond business success, her long-term objectives for Sue Phillips are deeply rooted in her values and beliefs. As a South African, she holds a profound connection to the beautiful wildlife of her homeland, and she is passionate about contributing to initiatives that protect and preserve it.



Sue’s core aims and ideals—resilience, attention to detail, and consideration—serve as guiding principles that shape her decision-making and work approach. They reflect not only her values but also her commitment to excellence and integrity in everything she does. “My vision for Sue Phillips Fragrance extends far beyond mere business goals. It encompasses a commitment to global reach, innovation, and social responsibility, guided by my core values and beliefs. Through my company, I aspire to make a meaningful difference in the world while creating fragrances that inspire and delight audiences everywhere.


Sue Pens Wise Words for Aspiring Leaders and Entrepreneurs


“If I were to offer some advice to the next generation of aspiring leaders, it would be this: never stop asking questions. Seek guidance from those you admire and respect and soak up as much knowledge as you can. Pay attention to the little things, because often, it’s the details that make all the difference. And above all, be resilient. You’re going to face challenges and setbacks along the way, but it’s how you respond to them that truly defines you as a leader. Oh, and here’s a golden rule: never speak down to people. You never know who might end up being your boss one day. Treat everyone with kindness and patience and remember that empathy goes a long way in building strong relationships and fostering collaboration. So, keep learning, keep growing, and never lose sight of your values.”