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Pioneering the path for women in the dynamic realm of lobbying, Ashley Davis stands as the Lead Principal and Co-founder of West Front Strategies, a trailblazing firm at the intersection of influence and advocacy.

As a staunch advocate for women’s empowerment, Ashley has become an inspirational force in redefining success. Ashley Davis, a driving force behind transformative change, continues to shape the narrative of success in the world of lobbying.

Her story is a testament to the transformative power of hard work, mentorship, and strategic innovation.

A Remarkable Journey

 Ashley Davis has navigated an illustrious professional journey marked by notable accomplishments and unwavering determination. From a young age, her passion for leadership and people management set the stage for a remarkable career.

Hailing from the roots of entrepreneurial visionaries, Ashley seamlessly integrated the spirit of innovation into her DNA, following in the footsteps of her grandfather and father, who founded multiple successful enterprises.

Starting her career, Ashley’s early professional chapters unfolded within the confines of the Bush White House and was there on September 11, 2001. This pivotal moment became a keystone of leadership, unveiling Ashley’s exceptional capacity to steer through crises and unite teams toward common objectives.

Talking about West Front Strategies, she asserts, “The decision to start West Front Strategies was a complete leap of faith. My partners and I saw others around them starting their businesses as we thought “why not us?” so we took the risk and I am so glad that we did. ”

Innovative Services of West Front Strategies

West Front Strategies incorporates a dedicated team with extensive experience in Washington D.C. This also includes services on Capitol Hill and within the executive branch. Each of our partners has held senior government positions.

The company also offers distinctive insights and experiences not commonly found in the industry. This distinctive background sets the company apart, keeping it as a top-tier firm in Washington D.C.

Goals & Ideals of Ashley

 When asked Ashley about her core aims and ideals for effective decision-making, she said, “ My leadership style is grounded in the strength to make hard decisions while remaining committed to the mission and vision of my organization. I believe in empowering everyone I work with by investing in others, especially investing in the next generation of female leaders. Honesty, integrity, self-awareness, decisiveness, and reliability are critical characteristics for any business leader to succeed.”

Visionary Planning

Ashley takes pride in West Front Strategies’ growth and trajectory. As the team continues to secure victories for clients, her mission and vision is to expand the team that will be serving a more extensive client base and expanding networks.

As part of this commitment, she is dedicated to working diligently, delivering high-quality work, and investing in the development of the next generation of leaders.

Ashley’s Definition of Success

When asked Ashley about the challenges that the company faced, she says, “Since its founding in 2015 West Front Strategies has helped guide corporate leaders through many of the challenges and setbacks our country has faced. Despite the troubled economy and setbacks, the company continue to grow its revenue year over year. Maintaining a strong reputation for delivering results for clients is a key factor in overcoming setbacks.

Success, for her, is about leaving a legacy marked by hard work and empowerment. Helping others, especially women, climb the corporate ladder isn’t just a goal on its own—it’s a way to achieve something bigger.

Ashely wants to see great leaders in all kinds of roles within companies and organizations and to make that happen, she believes in starting from the top.

As a business owner and board member, her passion is to bring about positive changes within institutions, making a difference from the inside out.

Awards & Accolades

In her extensive career, Ashley Davis has garnered widespread acclaim and industry recognition, solidifying her status as a prominent figure in the business landscape.

Notable accolades include being named among ‘Modern Luxury’s Top Philanthropists’ and ‘Washington DC’s 500 Most Influential People in both 2022 and 2023’ by Washingtonian Magazine.

Additionally, she was recognized among the ‘10 Most Disruptive Business Leaders to Follow in 2022’ by Time Iconic Magazine, among other prestigious honors.

The success of West Front Strategies is also underscored by consistent recognition as a Top-Performing Lobbying Firm.

Bloomberg Government has bestowed the honor of ‘Top Performing Lobbying Firm’ upon the West Front Strategies for three consecutive years—2020, 2021, and 2022 highlighting their unwavering excellence in the field.

These accolades stand as a testament to Ashley Davis’s and West Front Strategies’ commitment to excellence and impactful contributions to the business realms.

A Sneak-peek into Current & Upcoming Projects

Ashley takes pride in the hard work that has shaped her journey to this point. Now, with a more established career, she is pleased to dedicate her extra time to meaningful extracurricular activities, particularly investing in the next generation of women leaders.

Ashley believes it’s a collective responsibility to support and guide those who are following in our footsteps, a commitment she has upheld for over two decades. Her sheer dedication involves mentoring, creating opportunities, and investing time in nurturing the leadership journeys of others.

An Innovative Framework

Ashley is proud to introduce the Power Pivot framework, a methodology she has adeptly applied throughout her career. This framework has not only inspired Fortune 500 executives and government officials but has also become a profound catalyst for action, encouraging audiences globally to undertake the necessary strategic efforts to seize opportunities.

Ashley attributes a significant portion of her enduring personal and professional success to the Power Pivot framework. It serves as a strategic cornerstone that has propelled her journey and continues to empower others, providing resilience and foresight in navigating complexities.

Beyond this, Ashley contributes insights to news networks, participates in panels and podcasts, and serves as a speaker at public events through her affiliation with the BigSpeak Speakers Bureau.

Golden Advice to Young Leaders

 There is no substitute for hard work. I also really believe in the power of continuous learning. It’s important to stay informed about industry trends and developments by staying on top of your industry news and bringing forward innovative and using out-of-the-box strategies to serve your people better,” Ashley advises young and aspiring leaders across the globe.



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