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Google is working on a fun new feature for its Phone app! They’re testing something called ‘Audiomojis’ that lets you use sound effects and animations when you’re on a call. These sound effects include things like clapping, cheering, laughing, drumroll, and even a poop sound. Each sound comes with a cool animation on your phone screen.

This cool feature has been in the works since at least September 2023, initially called ‘sound reactions.’ Even though Google tried to hide it, the latest beta version still shows it’s in progress. We’re not sure yet how you’ll turn on Audiomojis, but some think it might be linked to the app’s Call Screen feature.

One question is whether both people in the call can hear and see the Audiomojis or just the person using them. It might need support on both sides for the animations to show up. This could make phone calls more fun and unique, just like how you can react to texts with emojis in other apps.

Google hasn’t officially said anything about Audiomojis, so we’re not sure if it will be in the regular Phone app. But considering Google’s recent focus on adding playful features to messaging, it seems like they want to make communication more fun!

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