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As the world grapples with the urgent need for climate solutions and equitable wealth distribution, Bruce Piasecki emerges as an articulate beacon of hope and innovation.


His two new 2024 books, “Wealth and Climate Competitiveness” and “Doing More with One Life,” challenge prevailing norms of our dominant culture of science and markets by offering a profound exploration into how we can better align our ambitions with the planet’s well-being. These books combine social history, lived corporate experiences, with personal narrative.


Piasecki, with his unique blend of historical insight and forward-looking vision, invites us on a journey to redefine success in the 21st century. Through these narratives, he underscores the critical intersection of personal legacy, corporate responsibility, and environmental stewardship, urging us to contemplate the impact of our choices on future generations.


In this edition of “Top 5 Influential Business Leaders You Must Follow in 2024,” we spotlight Dr. Bruce Piasecki, who emerges not just as a thought leader but as a beacon for change management and the alignment of money, people and rules for a better role of business in society.


The Revolutionary Perspective in His Book on Wealth and Climate and Competition


In “Wealth and Climate Competitiveness,” Bruce Piasecki casts a critical eye on the entrenched prejudices that have long hindered progress towards harmonizing wealth creation with climate action. By delving into the success stories of companies like bp, Walgreens, Toyota and Trane Technologies, Piasecki articulates a delightful and informed path forward which challenges conventional wisdom, advocating for a near future where businesses lead in decarbonization, decentralization, and digitization. This book is not just a call to action; it is recognized in Amazon reviews as a roadmap for companies and leaders, both public and private, seeking to navigate the complexities of the 21st century. These two books, matched with his New York Times bestseller Doing More with Less: The New Way of Wining offer a book set that link economic prosperity and environmental stewardship. Paul Grondahl, the Executive Director of the New York State Writer’s Institute, notes: “Bruce Piasecki has studied the voice of the CEO like Vladimir Nabokov has studied butterflies, with precisions and care.”


Doing More with One Life: A Memoir of Influence and Inspiration


Doing More with One Life” presents a personal narrative that weaves together Piasecki’s personal journey with his professional insights, much like his admired mentors Jonathan Edwards, Henry David Thoreau and Winston Churchill. Through this memoir, readers are invited to reflect on their own lives and the impact they wish to have on the world. Piasecki’s story is a testament to the power of individual action in fostering global change, encouraging us to think deeply about how we can contribute to a more sustainable and equitable future. Both books, in their own unique ways, underscore Piasecki’s belief in the transformative potential of combining personal growth with purposeful action. “Books open windows to my world, as I learned from my firm how best to earn in eighteen different currencies across four decades of owning the business,” notes Bruce as he founded a new organization at age 66, The Creative Force Foundation, which grants awards to writers of business and society under 40 years old.


Insights from the National Press Club Event


At a series of new book discussions as Washington’s Cosmos Club and at the National Press Club, and elsewhere, Piasecki illuminated the intricate connections between wealth creation, innovation, climate change, and human development. His presentations, enriched by the presence of notable VIPs, underscored the urgency of integrating sustainable practices into the core strategies of businesses. These pivotal gatherings are part of Bruce Piasecki’s ongoing 400 leader network called “The Achieving Results” business and society Corporate Affiliates workshops series, involving executives from over a fifth of the Fortune 500 and many related supplier Board members and CEOs.


Endorsements and Early Reception


The endorsements and early reception of “Wealth and Climate Competitiveness” underscore its significance and the resonance of Piasecki’s message with leading thinkers and change-makers. Figures like Dominic Emery and Ken Strassner offer high praise on the book’s Simon and Schuster pages, recognizing the book’s ability to weave narrative and storytelling into a compelling argument for climate action and wealth redefinition. Their testimonials reflect a shared belief in the book’s potential to inspire transformative change in how businesses and individuals view their roles in society and the environment.


Ira Feldman and Darryl Vernon Poole’s comments further highlight the book’s appeal, pointing to Piasecki’s skillful blend of history, personal insight, and persuasive prose. These endorsements not only validate the book’s content and approach but also signal its importance as a tool for understanding and navigating the complexities of modern capitalism. The collective acclaim parallels a pattern where over 60 leaders commented on his bestsellers on Amazon.


Piasecki’s Platform for Change: The Workshops and Corporate Affiliate Program


The workshops and corporate affiliate programs spearheaded by Piasecki, that recur twice a year in Phoenix and his hometown of Saratoga Springs, New York, stand out for their focus on producing tangible results and fostering a network of leadership committed to sustainability. These workshops, designed as an ongoing sanctuary, bring together sets of 50 to 60 leaders per two days from various industries to share insights, strategies, and challenges. This collaborative environment not only encourages knowledge exchange but also cultivates a community of forward-thinkers, all while leveraging Piasecki’s extensive library of works as a foundational resource for discussion and innovation. Look at the S&P headquarters sessions of nine speakers now arranged for 55 Water Street Headquarters in Manhattan this June 4 and 5.



A Legacy of Literature and Leadership



Dominic Emery, the former chief of staff of bp, the oil and gas giant, engaged Piasecki for years to help transform the company into a global innovator in electric transportation and urban convenience stores. Emery notes on Piasecki’s Memoir: “A wonderful book of Bruce’s extraordinary life, with each anecdote and interaction full of meaning. It is written in Piasecki’s typically playful style and his works into a vibrant context. Having worked with Bruce for almost a decade now, I thought I knew him pretty well—but this book does more than fill in the gaps—it explains his motivation and passion for social justice in an increasingly polarized world.”


Lucien Ross Thoaraud, a lawyer and lifelong friend from their undergraduate years at Cornell, notes: “In this eloquent Memoir Bruce Piasecki…celebrates the family and friends who made possible his journey from an impoverished childhood to hard-earned success.”


As Piasecki looks towards the future, his commitment to literary excellence and societal progress remains unwavering with the expansion of his Creative Force Foundation into Australia, New Zealand and Canada.  With forthcoming awards in the Bruce Piasecki and Andrea Masters Writer’s Award series, he and his family and judges continue to shape the discourse on business and society, selecting winning writers in diversity and inclusion like Leah Thomas, in indigenous science like Dr. Jessica Hernadez and in climate anxiety like Daniel Sherrell. As he continues to inspire others through his words and actions, Piasecki’s legacy grows further this field of business and society narrative styles.


Lastly, Bruce Piasecki’s contributions to literature, consultancy, and social impact epitomize the convergence of passion, purpose, and perseverance. Through his groundbreaking works like “Wealth and Climate Competitiveness” and “Doing More with One Life,” he challenges us to rethink our approach to wealth, sustainability, and personal growth. Piasecki ends his Memoir, acknowledging the winds in his backyard as a creative force in his soul, noting: “Many of the people he came to love had rare skills to know when to stay and when to go. He always had the ability to love, even after they had left. In the memories of his old age, he never slept alone. Everyone came to speak like lions so that he could hear them. They spoke with pride, too, as indirection and nuance were weak second cousins getting through in the first place. An entire zoo of memories filled his mind now, and it was with pride that he looked across that zoo and called it his own….He remembered the many times when enemies were near—and someone, somehow, kept them from his door. And for this, he felt thankful…It was now time for him to surrender graciously. Everyone mattered in his pride. Everyone knew it was time. No told anyone. Everyone just knew it. He honestly took up his voice and threw her to the wind.”


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