“Individuals and their freedom of choice are the foundation for a thriving society,” says David Clement, North American Affairs Director at the Consumer Choice Center. With a career dedicated to advocating for consumer rights and challenging restrictive policies, David’s journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to individual freedoms.


From his early days as a research assistant, where he contributed to the influential publication “State Food Crimes,” to his current role at the helm of a global advocacy organization, David’s professional path is marked by significant milestones and transformative achievements. His work not only defends consumer rights but also promotes innovation and freedom of choice in markets around the world.


Early Career and Inspirations


David Clement’s journey into the world of public policy began at Wilfrid Laurier University, where he pursued a Master’s Degree in International Relations. It was here that he discovered his passion for public policy while serving as a research assistant to the Canada Research Chair in International Human Rights. David’s work on the publication of “State Food Crimes” was a pivotal moment, providing him with a firsthand understanding of the profound impact public policy can have on society. This experience ignited his desire to engage in public policy debates and set the stage for his future endeavors.


After completing his degree, David took on various roles in the public policy arena. His initial foray into the medical cannabis industry allowed him to witness the complexities of regulatory frameworks and the importance of consumer choice. This experience was instrumental in shaping his perspective on policy and advocacy. In 2017, David co-founded the Consumer Choice Center (CCC), where he has since served as the North American Affairs Manager. His journey from a passionate student to a leading figure in consumer advocacy is a testament to his dedication and commitment to making a difference.


Inspiration and Influences

Throughout his career, David has drawn inspiration from numerous sources, but none as influential as the late Christopher Hitchens. Hitchens’ critical approach to public policy and his ability to communicate complex issues with clarity left a lasting impression on David. “Christopher Hitchens showed me how to better communicate the externalities of both good and bad public policy,” David reflects. This inspiration has been a driving force behind his efforts to evaluate issues holistically and advocate for policies that enhance consumer freedom.


Hitchens’ work has not only influenced David’s professional approach but has also shaped his personal development. The hunger for a more critical eye and the ability to articulate complex issues concisely have become integral parts of David’s advocacy toolkit. This foundation has enabled him to tackle diverse challenges in the public policy space with confidence and efficacy.


Objectives for Future

Looking ahead, David Clement has set ambitious long-term objectives for the Consumer Choice Center. His primary goal is to continue leading the way internationally on consumer-focused policymaking at all levels of government. “Consumers deserve to have a voice at the table when it comes to major policy decisions that impact the goods and services they use,” he emphasizes. David envisions the CCC increasing its presence in policy debates around the world, ensuring that consumer interests are represented and protected.


In Canada, where David is based, one of his key objectives is to see the government adopt smarter plastics and waste policies. The CCC advocates for technology-based solutions to address environmental issues, such as chemical depolymerization to tackle plastic waste. This approach aims to reduce pollution while enhancing consumer choice and convenience, avoiding the restrictive regulations that often accompany environmental policies.


Above all, David is committed to confronting paternalistic policies that undermine consumer freedom. In Ottawa, for example, there are frequent policy proposals related to alcohol and cannabis that seek to micromanage consumer choices. David strongly opposes these measures, advocating instead for policies that respect adult autonomy and decision-making. Through these efforts, he hopes to foster a policy environment that truly reflects and respects consumer interests.


Current Projects and Challenges

David Clement’s current projects are as diverse as they are impactful, reflecting his commitment to advancing consumer rights and public policy. In addition to his role at the CCC, David serves as the News Director for The News Forum, a relatively new broadcaster in Canada. Here, he is responsible for the 6:00 PM national news show, “Forum Daily,” where he provides in-depth coverage of important issues affecting consumers and public policy.


David is also working on launching his own news program on The News Forum network, titled “Open Forum.” This new venture will provide a platform for open and critical discussions on a wide range of topics, furthering David’s mission to inform and engage the public on key policy issues. These projects are particularly exciting as they allow David to reach a broader audience and influence public discourse in meaningful ways.


Obstacles on the Route to Success

Reflecting on his career, David acknowledges that the most formidable obstacles he has faced often stem from the sheer scope and complexity of the issues he tackles. “The Consumer Choice Center is taking on fights in every corner of the globe,” he notes. Staying up to date with policy developments across Asia, the EU, the United States, and Canada can be overwhelming, as policymakers are constantly pushing for new regulations and expansions of government control.


To overcome these challenges, David and his team have had to develop a disciplined approach to their advocacy work, carefully choosing which battles to fight and when. This requires a deep understanding of the global policy landscape and a strategic mindset to prioritize efforts that will have the most significant impact. Despite these obstacles, David’s determination and strategic thinking have enabled him to navigate the complexities of public policy advocacy and achieve notable successes for the CCC.


Impact and Achievements


David Clement and the Consumer Choice Center have garnered numerous recognitions and accreditations that underscore their impact and influence in the field of consumer advocacy. The CCC’s innovative approach and commitment to consumer freedom have earned it accolades from various industry groups and policy organizations. These recognitions validate the effectiveness of their strategies and the importance of their mission.


For David personally, being quoted by the Attorney General of Ontario in the provincial legislature as a justification for adopting a private, uncapped retail model for cannabis stands out as a particularly meaningful accolade. This acknowledgment highlights the significant role David and the CCC played in shaping a major policy decision. Such recognitions not only boost the organization’s credibility but also motivate David to continue his work with even greater vigor.


For David Clement, success is defined by tangible policy changes that enhance consumer freedom and choice. One of his proudest achievements was the liberalization of Ontario’s legal cannabis market. Initially, the government planned to own and operate all legal cannabis storefronts, but after extensive advocacy efforts by David and the CCC, a new government adopted a private, uncapped retail model. This change was a significant victory for consumer choice and demonstrated the power of effective advocacy.


Success, in David’s view, is not just about winning policy battles but also about preventing bad policies from being enacted. The ability to repeal or stop harmful regulations before they take effect is a key measure of success for David and the CCC. This proactive approach ensures that consumers are protected from overly restrictive policies and that innovation can thrive.


Personal Insights and Advice

David Clement’s journey offers valuable insights and advice for the next generation of aspiring leaders. One of his key pieces of advice is the importance of strong writing skills. “Learn to write. Start right now,” David emphasizes. In an age where generative AI and text engines are on the rise, the ability to concisely articulate complex issues is increasingly valuable. Effective communication is foundational for a long and successful career in any field.


David also encourages aspiring leaders to embrace innovation and continuously seek new skills. The fast-paced nature of the free market requires professionals to stay sharp and adaptable. By being open to learning and innovation, aspiring leaders can position themselves to take advantage of new opportunities and drive positive change in their respective fields.




“Individuals and their freedom of choice are the foundation for a thriving society.”


“Our organization focuses on innovation, unlocking industries that are fit for growth, and defending lifestyle freedom for people in every country we operate in.”


“We live in a global marketplace, and therefore there must be a voice for consumers that takes a global perspective.”


“Consumer behavior is the best indication of what consumers’ interests are. We don’t believe in anyone making their decisions for them.”