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Can You Share a Brief Overview of Your Professional Journey and How You Started in Your Field?

My mother believed I should be a doctor. So, I initially toiled to receive a scholarship and enrolled at Columbia Medical School.

It wasn’t until my third year that I dropped out and was subsequently kicked out of the house. Thankfully, John, my brother, knew I would make it, and encouraged me to join the finance sector.

I started working in American Allied Funding’s sales division from 2007 until 2012, when I became a senior funding specialist for Capital Stack. Then, I was the CEO of Excel Capital Management in 2013, increasing their revenue by 430%, before starting my own company, Lending Valley, in 2019.

What Core Aims and Ideals Do You Prioritize?

Transparency, calculated risk-taking, and determination shape my decision-making process and work approach. They drove me to start out in the finance sector, start my business, and develop long-term working relationships with customers and colleagues alike.

What Sets You Apart from Your Industry Competitors?

Our white glove service and individualized approach to lending sets us apart from competitors. The industry is notoriously one-size-fits-all, but businesses don’t fit into neat boxes. We hold a customized, holistic view, affording small-to-medium companies the opportunity to acquire capital within 24 hours, regardless of financial hardships they may be facing.

Could You Highlight Your Company’s Offerings that Clients Find Most Compelling?

Small business loans and short-term financing are our most popular offerings. However, I believe clients find our lightning-fast turnaround times the most compelling offering of all.

Naturally, the type of financing business owners apply for change depending on their situation. But our speed never changes, ensuring we stay their go-to choice.

What Are Your Company’s Long-Term Objectives?

To continue offering business owners the best possible loans by staying ahead of the industry’s technology trends and expanding our reach. We aim to leverage AI even more in the coming years, particularly in the fraud detection space.

Can You Provide Insights Into Some of Your Ongoing Projects?

We’re constantly remaining abreast of the ever-changing laws. The legal landscape is always changing, presenting new challenges for us and the entire industry. Beyond that, we are implementing new technology that increases our speed and provides enhanced decision logic.

Outside of Lending Valley, I’m writing for The Green Sheets, an industry magazine for financial technology. I’ve written for them for the last four years.

Who In Your Life Serves as a Source of Inspiration?

My brother, John. He took me in when nobody else would and encouraged me to pursue a career in finance. If it weren’t for him, my professional and personal lives would look vastly different.

Share Some Notable Recognitions You and Your Company Have Achieved

I was named one of the Top 40 Under 40 for Turkish Americans in 2016 and was a Forbes Finance Council member. My company has been featured on globally acclaimed platforms and publications like The New York Times, Forbes Inc., and The Wired. Such recognition impacts us greatly as it shows we’re truly making a difference to our clients.

What Have Been the Most Formidable Obstacles You’ve Faced In Your Career?

Before 2020, I would’ve said the initial startup. However, the coronavirus pandemic is unarguably the most formidable obstacle I’ve faced in my career — I’m sure this is true for most people.

To overcome it, we performed after-action reviews to ensure we’re better prepared in the future. We’ve since integrated tools to further streamline remote working.

How Do You Define Career Success?

For me, career success is being proud of what I’ve achieved, how far I’ve come, and using said success to help others. As for how long it took for me to feel it, I’d say a good year into Lending Valley. It definitely takes time for your achievements to sink in.

What Advice Would You Give for Next Generation Leaders?

Always foster a familial atmosphere among your team. People are more likely to stay by your side and share in your goals for the company this way.

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