In a world driven by profit, imagine a leader driven by purpose. At the intersection of business and social good lies the inspiring journey of Paul Feith. In the bustling world of digital marketing, few leaders embody the principles of social good as profoundly as Paul Feith, President and founder of Paul Gregory Media (PGM). With a career spanning over two decades, Paul has transformed his passion for technology and marketing into a mission-driven enterprise. His story is not just one of business success but of a relentless pursuit to balance profit with purpose.


A Technological Start: From Media Giant to Entrepreneur

Paul Feith’s career began in 1998 at Playboy Enterprises, where he worked in the technology and new media space. This early experience immersed him in the dynamic landscape of tech startups during the dot-com boom. By 2006, Paul decided to strike out on his own, leveraging his skills in graphic design to found Paul Gregory Media. The early days were challenging, especially during the 2007 mortgage and banking crisis. Through pro bono work and involvement with his local chamber of commerce, Paul gradually built a reputation for creative excellence, landing his first significant client, Jung Family Painting.


Discovering a Passion for Nonprofits

In 2011, Paul’s career took a pivotal turn when he joined several nonprofit boards and committees. Here, he discovered a deep passion for nonprofit operations and governance. This involvement allowed him to combine his marketing expertise with a mission-driven approach. By 2013, Paul had acquired Silverline Creative, transitioning PGM into a full-scale agency. By 2016, 80% of PGM’s clients were nonprofit organizations, a figure that grew to 90% by 2018. Paul’s dedication to nonprofits became a hallmark of his professional identity, making him a leading figure in nonprofit marketing.


Core Values and Organizational Philosophy

Paul Feith’s leadership is grounded in several core values: the importance of chemistry in professional relationships, transparency in operations, and a hassle-free client experience. He believes in empowering his team to make independent decisions, guided by a comprehensive standard operating procedure handbook. This approach ensures that clients receive strategic, seamless solutions, allowing them to focus on their core missions.


Standing Out in the Nonprofit Sector

PGM’s distinctive edge lies in its deep specialization in the nonprofit sector. Paul understands the unique challenges nonprofits face, such as volunteer engagement, fundraising, and community outreach. Under his leadership, PGM has become adept at integrating creative marketing with advanced coding and development solutions.


Moreover, Paul’s commitment to social responsibility is palpable. The agency donates 15% of its time and 1% of its gross revenues to nonprofit clients. During the pandemic, Paul increased PGM’s pro bono efforts to support struggling nonprofits, exemplifying his dedication to social impact.


Offerings and Future Vision

Paul has ensured that PGM’s service offerings are both broad and deep, providing comprehensive marketing solutions tailored to nonprofit organizations. Here’s what PGM offerings include:


  • Social Media Management: Creating engaging campaigns to boost user engagement and brand awareness.
  • Website Design & Development: Performance-oriented, mobile-first designs with SEO, conversion optimization, and ongoing maintenance.
  • Monthly Marketing Retainers: Acting as a virtual marketing team with flexible, roll-over hours.
  • Branding & Brand Messaging: Offering strategic branding services with experienced brand strategists.


Looking ahead, Paul envisions PGM continuing its trajectory of growth and impact. Key objectives include expanding the client portfolio by 15% annually, enhancing service offerings with cutting-edge technologies, growing a diverse and talented team, and strengthening the agency’s brand as a thought leader in nonprofit marketing.


Inspiration and Influences

Paul draws significant inspiration from Steve Jobs. Jobs’ customer-centric approach, pursuit of simplicity, and emphasis on emotional resonance profoundly influence Paul’s philosophy. By integrating these principles, Paul ensures that PGM creates marketing campaigns that are both impactful and aligned with human needs and aspirations.


Recognition and Accolades

PGM, under Paul’s leadership, has garnered over 174 awards, including certifications and recognitions that underscore its commitment to excellence and social impact. Notable accolades include being a Certified B-Corporation, the West Suburban Philanthropic Network’s Philanthropic Business of the Year, and being named among the top 300 impact companies by Real Leaders Magazine.


Overcoming Challenges

Paul identifies two major obstacles in his career: the long sales cycles in the nonprofit sector and filling the sales pipeline. By nurturing long-term client relationships, offering flexible payment options, and maintaining a strong online presence, Paul successfully navigates these challenges. Thought leadership through blogs, webinars, and podcasts further strengthens his market position.


Defining Success

For Paul Feith, success transcends financial achievements. It is about making a meaningful impact through nonprofit work. Success is measured by the tangible differences made in communities, the strength of client relationships, and the ability to create lasting, positive change. Building a reputable agency within the nonprofit niche took over a decade, but it has been a journey filled with purpose and fulfillment.


Advice for Aspiring Leaders

Paul’s advice to future leaders is rooted in authenticity, relationship-building, empathy, empowerment, competitive compensation, visionary thinking, and courage. These qualities are essential for effective leadership and creating a positive organizational culture.


Paul Feith’s journey from a tech enthusiast to a leader of a mission-driven marketing agency is a testament to the power of purpose in business. Through Paul Gregory Media, he continues to inspire, innovate, and make a lasting difference in the nonprofit sector. His story is a beacon for those who believe in the transformative potential of combining business acumen with a commitment to social good.

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